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Museum of Technology

The Museum of Technology is full of amazing innovations and interesting stories about technology. How do the tapeworm, tar inspectors or barbed wire tighteners tie in with the history of Finnish industry? That and much more you'll find out by playing the TekGame in the Museum of Technology.

In the TekGame you'll score points by solving puzzles and brainteasers about the museum objects. Developing innovations requires both creativity and knowledge. In the TekGame Creativity Consultant Aimo and Engineer Iina introduce you to Finnish innovations and at the same time test you skills as an innovator. In the end you'll discover which area was your strength in the game – knowledge or creativity. Are you an expert? Are you bold enough to share your ideas with other players on the TekGame website?

Engineer Iina

Creativity consultant Aimo

You cannot fix it if it is not broken. Creativity belongs to everybody!

Hello. My name is Iina and I'm an engineer. I've heard it said that an engineer's job is to come up with solutions to problems you never knew existed. My job description includes gathering of exact knowledge, tricky brainteasers and exercising my dear brains cells. In my spare time I memorize the decimals of pi and new code website for a role-playing association.

I'm also quite handy with the hammer and can fix even trickiest gadgets. Sometimes I learn by doing when I’m cutting electricity from half the city or when I lose the bits of code into virtual space. But there's a lesson to be learned even from mistakes and wrong conclusions!

"What do a lightning and an engineer have in common? First there’s a flash and then you'll repair the damage!" says my friend Aimo in these kinds of situations.

"There is an artist in every child – the challenge is to remain an artist when growing up" said Pablo Picasso, the gift of Spain to all of the admirers of cubism! This is what art and creativity is all about and that I, Creativity Consultant Aimo, try to propagate in my life, the universe, everywhere!

The creativity in all of us has no limits or boundaries! Creativity is our inner strength, our ability to create something new, find new ways of doing things, it is in our self expression, communication, laughter and breathing! Creativity is the source of innovations, fountain of inventions! Creativity is crazy, wonderful and crazy.

Creativity doesn't require the technical knowhow of Iina. It does require the desire to create, the ability to immerse yourself in the creative flow! We can be creative in every moment: at work, at school, in spare time, all it takes is spirit and courage.

I dare you, will you join me?

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