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Introduction to TekGuide


Museum of Technology

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Teemu Laine

Inspired by the remote working possibility afforded by the internet, he has acquired experiences from Africa and East Asia during the project. In addition to programming the application server and the dynamic parts of the website, Teemu has participated to project meetings, updated content and monitored testing events. Apart from having fun with the bits and bytes, as a nerd with a researcher's instincts he is always thinking about how to transform even trivial things and phenomena into complex research problems.

Mikko Vinni

"It has been a long day", thought Mikko one evening when realizing that it was already past 11 pm and he was going to do something for TekGame. But that's what he does — quietly, he looks at things when all the talkative people are resting. In this project he has been tying together the loose ends that keep up appearing at silly places in the technology, paying attention to the ideas and secretly wishing that there will be no more ants creeping up from the guts of mobile phones (*cough*, *cough* ).

Carolina Islas Sedano

Ever since starting to get crazy ideas in her childhood's Mexico City Carolina has wanted to use technology in a meaningful way. She has longed for a way to aid sharing knowledge and skills across the unawareness that keeps friends and understanding apart from each other. Soon after arriving into Finland in this millennium Carolina started to hatch an idea together with the people at the Museum of Technology — an idea, that would later become TekGame (and TekGuide). In the near future this idea will help us to discover our own world connecting with the ideas of others.

Sanna Laakkonen

Sanna's introduction

Museum of Technology

Leenu Juurola

Leenu's introduction

Marianna Karttunen

Marianna's introduction

Riina Linna

Riina's introduction

Development of TekGame and TekGuide has been supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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